One Setting that Fixed Apple Airplay with my Airport Extreme

AirPlay is one of my favorite features about owning Apple products. To be able to simply send music from my Macbook or iPhone to my stereo has been the Holy Grail of music playback since I ripped my first CD to MP3s. But at some point through a software update of my Airport Extreme, Apple TV, Macbook, or iPhone, AirPlay has been spotty at best and frustrated me to screaming bouts with my devices.

The Problem

For months I’d been having issues playing music from my computer through my Apple TV. It would play for a minute or two before losing connection and I’d have to start the process all over. It would act like it couldn’t find the Apple TV and then all of a sudden it would start working again.

I finally found someone who was having the same problem AND had a solution (there were lots of reports of this problem with no solution). It came down the Airport Extreme confusing IPv6 and IPv4 messages.

The Solution

Steven Sande at gave the easiest instructions on how to solve this problem. Basically from your Airport Utility app, tap Edit > Advanced > IPv6 and then disable Share IPv6 Connection button to disable IPv6 sharing.

I’m still watching with baited breath to make sure the problem doesn’t rear it’s head again, but for the time being it seems to have been fixed.

How to clear Netflix watched list for shows and movies

If you’re anything like me, you have TV shows and movies that you watch over and over. I always found it annoying that once you were through a series and wanted to re-watch that it appeared as though every episode was already watched. Well now you can change that.

Clear Viewing Activity

By clearing the viewing activity for a particular TV series or movie, it will appear again as if you haven’t watched it. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Login to Netflix in a web browser (this can’t be done from an app).
  2. Select the profile that you wish to clear activity from.
  3. From the menu in the top right with your profile name, select Your Account.
  4. The last section on this page is called My Profile. Click on Viewing activity.
  5. Click on the x to the far right of the movie or a single episode from the series you wish to clear viewing activity from.
  6. You will be then given the option Remove series?
  7. Click Remove series to reset the played status for every episode.
  8. Watch from the beginning all over again!

Logos Bible App: Separate Note Document for Every Book

One Notes File for All Highlights?!

The highlighting feature of the Logos app on the iPad and mobile devices is a great way to remember passages that you would like to return to for greater study. But I was always frustrated with the fact it would dump them into a single notes file called “Solid Colors.” After reading three or four books, the amount of references in this document became unruly. There had to be a better way.

Resource-specific Note Document

That’s when I found “Document for Highlights” option in the main app settings (find out where this is on your device). By setting this to “Resource-specific Note Document,” each book would end up with it’s own notes file. This was so much more preferable to me as a default action as it’s closer to the workflow of paper books.

You can also set this to “Most Recent Note Document” if you’re collecting passages for a sermon or research project and want to keep notes together.